About HEM Technologies

HEM Technologies is a leading edge research company in the fields of ultra-compact pulsed power and high power devices. Its aim is to research and develop innovative devices in the areas of directed energy, hazardous waste neutralization, and biohazard control.

HEM Technologies is a young company formed in 2003 by Owner and Chief Scientist Dr. David Hemmert. It is currently conducting research for the US Army, Navy, and Air Force and has a close working relationship with the Texas Tech Center for Pulsed Power and Power Electronics  in Lubbock, TX.

We are interested in conducting systems research for ultra-compact pulsed power, providing ultra-compact battery and high explosive systems to support parent research, and consulting on pulsed power systems for high power microwave generation. Our staff, employees, and consultants command extensive knowledge and experience in the pulsed power field and are eager to help you find a solution for your application.


HEM Technologies
2306 FM 1585
Lubbock, TX 79423