Ultra-Compact  Battery Operated Energy Source

Device Specs:

- 10 Joule, 20 uF, 1kV

- Battery operated

- Manually or G-switch (30 G's) activated

 Device Current Output (10 uH load):


Rapidly Adaptable Bench-top Railgun Systems

HEM Technologies has developed a rapidly adaptable bench-top railgun system. The modular units can be rapidly configured to various bore sizes from 1/4" to 1/2" and combined serially to make a wide range of lengths. The non-metallic housing des not interfere with electric and magnetic field sensors used for real time monitoring and diagnostics. Additionally HEM Technologies can provide integral diagnostic systems.

High Repetition Marx Generators

HEM Technologies has developed a high repetition Marx generator capable of producing 750 kV at 200 Hz with 2 joules of stored energy.

Stand Alone High Voltage Power Systems

Systems include high voltage source, compressor, generator, control panel, and safety closing switch. Systems have been designed to power capacitor banks for high current sources such as MFCG seed sources.

Fiber Optic Control Boards

HEM Technologies has developed SCR control boards triggered by a fiber optic signal to isolate the switch from experimental noise.

Hollow Cathode Technology

HEM Technolgies is developing hollow cathode systems to support ion beam deposition technology and electric propulsion systems.


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