Current Research

Explosively Driven Pulsed Power

Magnetic Flux Compression Generator Enhancement
HEM Technologies has recently begun magnetic flux compression generator research. The research objective is to develop methods to minimize flux losses, especially in ultra-compact devices. The research also includes high explosive closing switch development.

Explosively Driven Ferroelectric Generators
Ferroelectric based technology is being research as an explosively driven power source. The goal of the research is to develop ferroelectric generator capable of producing 100kV pulses into high impedance loads while maintaining the compact form factor of the previous studied generators.

Shock Loaded Material Testing
In addition to our own ferroelectric generator research, HEM Technologies has teamed with TRS Technologies in State College, PA to test their new ferroelectric materials designed specifically for explosive ferroelectric generators. Additionally we are working with other industrial partners to test various materials under shock-loading.

Pulsed Power Solutions

Compact Self-Contained Power Supplies
HEM Technologies has designed and constructed several high power / high voltage seed sources and systems for a range of applications.

Electromagnetic Launch Technology
Joint research has been conducted with Texas Tech University to develop an efficient solid state switching architecture electromagnetic launchers. Additionally, HEM Technologies has pursued research into real-time feedback systems for electromagnetic launchers.

Past Research

Explosively Driven Pulsed Power

Explosively Driven Ferroelectric Generators
Research was conducted to develop an explosively driven generator to power high impedance loads. Two devices were developed; a ferroelectric generator module producing pulses at 30 kV, and a high explosive array to generate pulses at 10 kV. Product development continues to increase output to greater than 100 kV.

Ultra-Compact Pulsed Power

Ultra-Compact High Voltage Battery/Capacitor Power Source
HEM Technologies developed an ultra-compact battery powered seed source for compact flux compression generators . The device stores 10 joules of energy at 1 kV, is battery operated, and charges in 1 second. The unit has an energy density of 25 mJ/cc. The unit can be viewed in the products section.

Pulsed Power Solutions

RPG Countermeasures
In March 2005, HEM Technologies completed research on RPG Countermeasures. Two high power devices were developed from the research; a 750 kV, 200 Hz, 2 joule compact Marx generator, and a Pulsed Electromagnetic Generator.


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