Research Staff

David J. Hemmert, Ph.D.

Owner and Chief Scientist

Dr. Hemmert has over ten years of experience in the pulsed power field, conducting research in the areas of compact pulsed power, high powered microwaves, pulsed streamer discharges, conductivity measurements under shock loading, and needle breakdown studies. Outside HEM Technologies, he has worked as a visiting professor at Kumamoto University in Japan, and at various research positions at the Texas Tech University Center for Pulsed Power and Power Electronics Research. In addition to his pulsed power experience, he enjoyed eight years of experience as an infantry officer supervising, training, and managing soldiers in the United States Army.

Dr. Hemmert's Resume

Shad Holt, M.S.E.E.
Senior Pulsed Power Specialist

Shad Holt has four years experience in the pulsed power field conducting research in explosive pulsed power systems and has extensive experience with ferroelectric devices. Shad's other technical interests include electromagnetic launch, biological and chemical warfare defense and MEMS.

Mr. Holt's Resume

John Krile, Ph.D.
Senior Pulsed Power Specialist

Dr. Krile has six years experience in the pulsed power field conducting research in high power microwaves, surface flashover, and plasma physics. Dr. Krile has an extensive list of publications and has been an invited speaker at two pulsed-power / plasma sciences oriented conferences.

Dr. Krile's Resume

James Honekamp
Research Assistant

James is senior in the Electrical Engineering Department at Texas Tech University.


Administrative Staff

Becky Shires
Facility Manager

Ms. Shires is a graduate of Texas Tech University with a Bachelor's degree in Political Science and a minor in Communications.



In addition to HEM Technologies' staff, we maintain close ties with several Ph.D. level consultants. The consultants share decades of pulsed power and power electronics experience.


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